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List Description
429 ARINC 429 Data Bus
adb Aeronautical Data Bases
adn Aircraft Data Network
aeecamcfsc_news AEEC AMC FSEMC News
aeroline AeroLine Newsletter
aeromacs Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System
air_ground Air Ground Communications (Satcom)
announce All Meeting Announcement Distribution
aoc AOC Standardization
apex APEX Software - ARINC 653
asdm Aircraft Support Data Management
at-asb Air Transport - Avionics Service Bulletin
can Controller Area Network
cds Cockpit Display Systems
css Cabin Systems Subcommittee
dfdr Digital Flight Data Recorder
digital_audio Digital Audio
digital_video Digital Video
dlk Data Link Systems
dlk_users Data Link Users Forum
dmat Design Maintainability and Testability
efb Electronic Flight Bag
efb_expo EFB Users Forum - Suppliers
efb_users EFB Users Forum - Participants
efteg EASA FSTD Technical Group
fcm Future Concepts for Maintenance
fcs Future Concepts for Simulators
fdd FSEMC Data Document
fiber_optics Fiber Optics
fls Field Loadable Software
fms Flight Management System
fsemc Flight Simulator Engineering & Maintenance Conference
gain Galley Inserts
general_session General Session Information
gps_xls Global Navigation Satellite System
hrcs Health Ready Components and Systems (HRCS)
ips_aero Internet Protocol Suite for Aeronautical Safety Services
iss Integrated Surveillance System
kuband Ku/Ka Band Satcom
ndb Navigation Data Base
new_standards New/Revised ARINC Standards Notification
nextgen_sesar NextGen / SESAR Avionics Architecture
nff No Fault Found
nic New Installation Concepts
nis Network Infrastructure and Security
omg Obsolescence Management Guidance
pt Plane Talk
sai Systems Architecture and Interfaces
satce Simulated Air Traffic Control Environment
scq Simulator Continuing Qualification
sdd Software Documentation Delivery
sdi Simulator Data Issues
sdl Software Data Loader
simnotes SIM Notes
simsoft SimSoft
siwg Special Investigation Working Group
tps Test Program Set
xml XML
xpdr Transponder

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